Getting around Kraków

Public transport

It is the best way to travel around the Kraków. You can choose trams – getting aroud the city, urban buses – within the city boundaries, agglomeration buses – which connect the city with neighbouring districts.
Tickets can be bought from vending machines situated nearby the tram and bus stops, around the city, once on board (payment by the credit/debit card), at certain newsagents or using your mobile phone. Please keep in mind that paper tickets need to be validated using special machines once on board, else you will be liable to pay a penalty fare.
Current timetable and prices of tickets are available on the website of the Municipal Transport Enterprise.


We strongly recommend using only licensed taxi companies. Such taxi should have a visible price-list, a taximeter and a company logo with a phone number. The taxi driver should always give you a receipt. Taxis can be ordered by phone, some of them online or at a taxicab stand.

On foot

Kraków is perfect for exploring on foot. Most city highlights are situated close to one another, in the historical centre where pedestrian zones make walking friendly and safe.

Accessible Kraków

The city centre, including the Main Market Square is covered with flagstone or asphalt alleys (Planty Gardens), therefore disabled guests should not have problems exploring the city. Nevertheless, some of the narrow, cobblestoned streets and high kerbs can cause difficulties. Many shops and cafes around the Main Market Square have at least one step. Modern public transport vehicles are modified to meet the needs of disabled passengers. Buses and trams are equipped with low floors, wide doors, and enough free space to accommodate wheelchairs. In these vehicles, thanks to the voice message, you are informed about the name of each stop.

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