Guidelines for Speakers


  • Present your paper in person at the Conference.
  • Conference organizers do not plan remote and pre-recorded presentation.
  • Each speech during a CP session should not exceed 12-15 minutes, unless the Chair of the session decides otherwise. The flow of a IPS session is entirely up to the chair and the organizer of this session.
  • All presentations must be made and held in English.
  • Avoid reading out your paper.
  • Focus on key messages to attract the interest of the audience.
  • Avoid presenting tables with many cells and difficult to be read.
  • Use readable type font in the tables and good text/background contrast.
  • Use simple sentences, avoid jargon, highly specialised vocabulary and unfamiliar abbreviations.
  • Present just a few important facts on each slide.
  • Practice the delivery of your talk several times prior to your presentation along with your slide or transparency sequence being sure to fit your talk into the time allocated to you.
  • Think about questions you might be asked about your work and be prepared with well-thought out answers, being mindful of the limited time.
  • All lecture rooms are equipped with: a screen, projector, laptop, podium with a microphone, remote control for ppt presentations. Technical support will be provided.
  • Presentations should be uploaded to the CP proposal form by the authors or to the IPS proposal form by the IPS organizers. In both cases using a unique link to a specific form, provided by e-mail by the Conference organizers.
  • Deadline for submission of presentations is 15 April 2022.
  • In exceptional cases, if you have some changes in your presentation, please bring it on a USB memory stick to the IAOS 2022 Secretariat Room on the venue’s ground floor at least 2 hoursbefore your session starts.


  • You are kindly requested to respect the allotted time to guarantee a smooth running of sessions.
  • You should view the programme of the Conference for information about the session you are participating and be in the lecture room at least 5 minutes before the session starts.
  • Each session will be led by the Chair who will be in charge of introducing the speakers.
  • The Chair will be instructing the session and controlling the time. The speakers will be given a 2-minute reminder as they near the end of their talk. Remember to watch the Chair not to miss relevant signals regarding the control of time.

Technical guidelines for presentations

  • Deadline for submission of presentations is 15 April 2022.
  • The presentations must be in English
  • The presentations must be in Microsoft Power Point format file (*.ppt or *.pptx) or PDF format. Please ensure your files are PC-compatible.
  • The size of presentation is limited to 50 MB


It is recommended to use this template in Microsoft PowerPoint format to prepare a presentation for the IAOS 2022 Conference.

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