Session 14

Title of session: IPS43. Integrating privately held data in official statistics: the case of tourist accommodation statistics

Date: 26 April
Time: 16:00-17:30
Room: S4a Mariacki
StatusNameCountry/affiliationTitle of the contributionBrief summary
OrganizerMr. Christophe Demunter[European Commission]
ChairMr. Emanuele Baldacci[European Commission]
SpeakerMr. Simon Bley[European Commission]Mr. Bley manages this project at Eurostat and will focus on the most recent data, on the outstanding methodological challenges, and on the cooperation with the private data holders.
SpeakerMs. Dita ZemiteLatviaMrs. Zemite is one of the five Member States' representatives in the project's Steering Committee. As such, Mrs. Zemite has one leg in the project but at the same time she is very close to the user needs at national and subnational level. She will focus on the Member State perspective of this European project, from a producer as well as a user point of view.
SpeakerMr. Christophe Demunter[European Commission]Mr. Demunter is the team leader for tourism statistics, which includes this project. His focus will be on the governance of the project, in a setting where Eurostat is the central hub dealing directly with the platforms as compared to the traditional approach in the European Statistical System where the national statistical offices are usually the primary data collectors.
SpeakerMr. Łukasz ZadorożnyPolandMr. Łukasz Zadorożny is in charge of tourism statistics at the regional statistical office of Statistics Poland in Rzeszów. His contributions will include a quality assessment of the platforms data by comparing the output with existing official statistics or with data obtained from alternative sources such as webscraped information on short-term rentals.
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