Session 17

Title of session: IPS24. Strengthening the role of the health sector in improving CRVS systems

Date: 27 April
Time: 10:30-12:00
Room: S3a Sukiennice
StatusNameCountry/affiliationTitle of the contributionBrief summary
OrganizerDr. Steve MacFeelySwitzerland
ChairDr. Steve MacFeelySwitzerland
SpeakerDr. Hong Anh ChuSwitzerlandWHO Global CRVS Strategic Implementation Plan 2021-2025The WHO CRVS Strategy 2021-2025 aims to empower Member States to more effectively mobilize their health sector to lead, or contribute to, CRVS system strengthening efforts in order to ensure maximum benefit from routine data systems for policy and development. Detailed guidelines are available that outline how this might happen in practice and what Member States need to consider when implementing health-related CRVS strengthening activities
SpeakerDr. Moomina AbdullahMaldivesThe Importance of the Role of the Health Sector in CRVS System Strengthening• Legal mandate to record births and deaths including vital statistics and cause of death coding.
• Standardization of the birth and death records with international standards and ensuring that this has been reflected in the current digital system
• Systematic collection, verification, analysis, reporting and dissemination of vital statistics for public and to inform decision makers.
• Proactive engagement with stakeholders to strengthen the CRVS System in place
• Building technical capacity
• Liaising with international experts and engaging in knowledge sharing activities
• Linking national identity card with the use of health services, enhancing birth registration
SpeakerMs. Nazaria BaharudinMalaysiaResilient statistical systems in pandemics and the role of the health sectorThe pandemic, by bringing an unexpected challenge to civil registration processes in many countries, highlighted the need for resilient systems, especially considering the importance of accurate and real-time data to answer such a situation. The prompt action from DOSM is a proof that human resources is a key element to a performant CRVS system, with the application of complex demographic models to ensure the continuity of service. However, there is a need to further strengthen the collaboration with the stakeholders especially the MOH and the potential to have access their data in such a time of emergency.
SpeakerProf. Jorn BraaNorwayCountry case for CRVS registers and HIS integrationThe presentation we will discuss birth and death registration CRVS system and their integration and mutual benefit with the general health information systems in LMICs to highlight the connection between health data systems and other administrative, CRVS systems in countries.
ICD11 death registration integrated in the overall HIS has proven to provide good data to identify priority diseases. While ICT11 death registration need to be ‘complete’ only in targeted representative areas, birth registration needs to be complete in whole geographical areas in order to be useful for e.g. immunization services. Implementation strategies are therefore different between these two registers.
DiscussantDr. Anir ChowdhuryBangladesh
DiscussantProf. Jorn BraaNorway
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