Session 18

Title of session: IPS46. Crime and prison statistics in the Covid-19 era

Date: 27 April
Time: 10:30-12:00
Room: S3b Barbakan
StatusNameCountry/affiliationTitle of the contributionBrief summary
OrganizerMr. Adrian FrancoMexico
ChairMr. Adrián FrancoMexico
SpeakerMr. Oscar Jaimes BelloMexicoThe increase in Mexico’s prison population in the context of the COVID-19 pandemicThe objective is to present the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on crime trends, as well as the difficulties faced by the INEGI, Mexico in capturing these statistics. The above considering the collection of two statistical instruments. Through these statistical instruments it will be possible to analyze the context faced by the population deprived of liberty during the pandemic crisis. Specifically, we will look at the admissions and releases of the prison population, as well as trends in crimes committed by these, to delve into the reason for the increase in the prison population at the end of 2020.
SpeakerMs. Salome FloresMexicoWhat data is telling us about the impact of COVID-19 in prisons in the Latin American RegionDuring the context of COVID-19 pandemic, finding alternative solutions for reducing prison overcrowding became critical to stop the spread of the virus among the prison population. The speaker presents an overview of the main indicators for the Latin American region that best describe the challenges that prisons systems faced before and during the pandemic such as imprisonment rates, prison overcrowding and unsentenced detainees. Based on the current trends, the presentation outline which measures can be implemented to address the existing challenges including a gender perspective approach.
SpeakerMs. Fatma UshevaAustriaCrime and prison statistics during COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities amid a pandemicThe COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the world we live in.
These ongoing changes affect all aspects of life, with crime being no exception. To provide evidence and monitor how COVID-19 is changing the international and national landscape of crime and prison statistics, UNODC has launched a dedicated initiative to collect monthly data on these topics. The presentation will provide empirical evidence of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on crime and will discuss the challenges and opportunities in producing and collecting internationally comparable crime and prison statistics.”
DiscussantMr. Adrián FrancoMexico
DiscussantMs. Dayana PerezMexico
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