Session 35

Date: 27 April
Time: 17:00-18:30
Room: S4b Lajkonik
StatusNameCountry/affiliationTitle of the contributionBrief summary
ChairMałgorzata Tarczyńska-ŁuniewskaPoland
ChairPeter Popoola Nigeria
SpeakerDr. Osuolale Peter PopoolaNigeriaChallenges of Big Data for official statistics in AfricaThe omnipresence of data in the daily lives of most people is helping to change the world that we all live in. The high volume, high velocity, high veracity, and wide variety of these data generated by the digital revolution are commonly referred to as Big Data. The reality is that the next generation of digital technologies will be data driven, internet dependent and satellite guided. Starting from driver-less vehicles to store-less shopping platforms and delivery of personalized services will be digitized based on data guided evidence. The policymakers in government offices, health services, technology centers and business establishments are moving towards evidence-based decision-making which is predominantly guided by data synthesis and analytics. This paper highlights what big data are, the digital revolution of the big data era, sources of big data available for official statistics, and the challenges of the National Statistical Organizations (NSOs) in Africa.
SpeakerDr. Diana Dilshanie DeepawansaSri LankaData integration and poverty mapping: The experience of Sri Lanka"Introduction to data integration
Challenges and opportunities for data integration
Data Integration and poverty mapping: The Experience of Sri Lanka
Integrate of satellite imagery and other innovative big data sources to measure poverty
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