Session 46

Title of session: IPS40. Building capacity in the Building Back Better era - where do the IAOS and ISI fit in?

Date: 28 April
Time: 13:00-14:30
Room: S1 Kraków
StatusNameCountry/affiliationTitle of the contributionBrief summary
OrganizerMr. Matthew ShearingInternational Statistical Institute
ChairMr. Misha BelkindasUnited States
SpeakerMr. Matthew ShearingInternational Statistical InstituteMatthew will set out emerging ideas for the ISI's Statistical Capacity Building work plan and ideas for how the ISI can work with the IAOS on capacity building, based on an agreed set of priorities and our unique strengths of community, networks, and diversity. Key questions to be explored will include how to mobilise resources, what are our priorities, and what are the best means of implementation?
SpeakerMs. Elsa DhuliAlbaniaElsa will provide perspectives from INSTAT, the National Statistical Office of Albania, on how the IAOS and the ISI already supports the development of official statistics at the national level. She will also look at how both the IAOS and ISI could evolve to enhance their support for the professional development of Statisticians and Data Scientists, including ideas such as support for strengthening regional networks and promoting the implementation of data ethics based on the best-case studies.
SpeakerMr. Steven ValeSwitzerlandSteven will provide perspectives from a UN regional commission on lessons about how international statistical organisations can work together effectively, building on each other’s strengths. He will look at the known priorities of statistical organisations and individual statisticians in the ECE region for capacity development and learning, as well as different ways to meet those needs. He will stress the importance of coordination, networks and partnerships, and how the IAOS and ISI could help.
SpeakerMr. Dominik RozkrutPolandDominik will examine the new needs of Statisticians to work with and learn from other professions. Beyond the ongoing incorporation of Data Scientists into the ISI family, he will explore other professions and industries that IAOS members could collaborate with, including big and small tech industries and other data producers and disseminators such Economists and Evaluators. He will also consider ways in which the IAOS and ISI can facilitate this growing need for exchanges of knowledge across disciplinary boundaries.
DiscussantMr. Pieter EveraersStatistical Journal of the IAOS - Editor in Chief
DiscussantDr. Ola AwadPalestine
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