Session 47

Title of session: IPS52. Do we need a Global Data Convention?

Date: 28 April
Time: 13:00-14:30
Room: S3a Sukiennice
StatusNameCountry/affiliationTitle of the contributionBrief summary
OrganizerDr. Steve MacFeelySwitzerland
ChairDr. Stefan SchweinfestUnited States
SpeakerDr. Steve MacFeelySwitzerlandOur changing data world - the importance of data governanceThis talk will provide the broader context for the session, describing our changing data world, and describing some of the key developments within the world of official statistics, and the growing realisation that data governance and data stewardship are critically important
SpeakerDr. Angela MeAustriaHow the UN can contribute to International data governanceThis talk will outline how the UN has begun to prepare for what can tentatively be called a Global Data Compact, and some the challenges and steps involved in this exciting and ground breaking work.
SpeakerDr. Martine DurandFrancePartnerships towards a new global data governance systemData has become a global commodity that is produced, shared and traded by a myriad of actors worldwide. All players in this new data ecosystem do not necessarily have the same approach to the notions of independence, integrity, quality, transparency or privacy that form the core values of Official Statistics. This raises questions regarding the need for new mechanisms, regulations and frameworks aiming at promoting universally-agreed ethical principles and standards; clarifying the respective roles and responsibilities of the different actors; monitoring compliance; and strengthening accountability. Official Statistics must engage and build partnerships towards a new global data governance system.
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