Session 48

Title of session: IPS44. The importance of quality of data for interoperability and fair data services

Date: 28 April
Time: 13:00-14:30
Room: S3b Barbakan
StatusNameCountry/affiliationTitle of the contributionBrief summary
OrganizerDr. Johanna Laiho-KauranneFinland
ChairMs. Johanna Laiho-KauranneFinland
SpeakerMr. Albrecht WirthmannLuxembourgOpen-source code in future quality frameworks for new data sources: why and why not?Releasing public open-source code is now a common standard practice in several scientific fields, allowing independent auditing and in this way increase transparency and credibility of the research results. It also contributes to improving methodological quality, since genuine mistakes can be more easily exposed and corrected in follow-up studies. However, releasing open-source code happens rarely in official statistics. In this talk we try to spell possible costs, obstacles and risks towards a wider shift to open-source code by statistical authorities. We argue that, when considering new “big data” sources, quality frameworks should encourage in future release of open source code.
SpeakerMr. Stephen MacFeelyUnited StatesInsights from the perspective of global statisticsStatistics help us understand who we are, have been and are becoming. For decades, statisticians have developed standards and ethical codes to provide intact information. Now data are at our fingertips reflecting almost everything we do. Data can be a tool for empowerment but also for exploitation. In 2021, the need for global data governance was raised by many – UN Chief Statisticians, UNCTAD Digital Economy Report, World Development Report, etc. How can statisticians contribute to a more equitable data ecosystem where data are used to improve lives instead of abuse, control and crime? Insights from perspective to global statistics.
SpeakerMs. Nicola ShearmanUnited KingdomHelping to install a high quality data culture across the public sectorIn the world of statistics, quality is the cornerstone in building trust in the information that we rely on for decisions in our society and economy. Quality assessments and remedial actions have long been the focus in National Statistics Institutes, and new sources for data bring new challenges requiring new approaches.
The UK Office for National Statistics has a quality management framework for statistics and has now established the Government Data Quality Hub to promote high quality data culture across the public sector. This talk will describe our quality journey and the impact in creating data quality culture for all.
SpeakerMr. Timo KoskimäkiFinlandProviding data quality framework and tools for the public sector data ecosystem – stakeholder management perspectiveStatistics Finland is currently leading a project to create a data quality framework that will be used to monitor the quality of the administrative data produced by central government bodies. The project is part of the government programme with the aim to improve data management and data usage. The talk will describe how Statistics Finland ended up participating this project, how we co-operated with the stakeholders and how the quality framework will be implemented. Also, the contents of the framework will be briefly introduced.
DiscussantMs. Tiina LuigeSwitzerland
DiscussantMs. Denise Britz do Nascimento SilvaBrasil
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