Session 02

Title of session: IPS02.Core values of official statistics – What are they and how do we demonstrate them?

Date: 26 April
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Room: S3a Sukiennice
StatusNameCountry/affiliationTitle of the contributionBrief summary
OrganizerMr. Steven ValeSwitzerland
ChairMs. Jūratė PetrauskienėLithuania
SpeakerMr. Steven ValeSwitzerlandConference of European Statisticians Work on the Value of Official StatisticsThis presentation will highlight the work so far of an international task team under the Conference of European Statisticians to develop a list of the core values of the official statistics community. The latest draft list will be presented, as well as descriptions of the values and mappings to related standards such as the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics.
SpeakerMr. Mark SowdenNew ZealandSupporting the proposed Core Values using the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics Maturity ModelThis paper looks at the proposed Core Values, their relationship to the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (FPOS) and the Maturity Model for the implementation of the FPOS. The paper examines how the Core Values could be supported through the application of the FPOS Maturity Model with a view to providing useful guidance and support to National Statistical Offices. The paper is a collaborative effort by Statistics New Zealand and the Australian Bureau of Statistics and builds on the work of Friends of the Chair Group for the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and Open Data.
SpeakerMs. Nicola ShearmanUnited KingdomHow the core values need to be underpinned by a strong legislative framework (tbc)
DiscussantMr. Steven ValeSwitzerland
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